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Property Name: Beam Farm Woodland Archaeological District

Other Name:
33 CN 194 - Bean Farm Mound
33 CN 195/Bean Site 9; 33 CN 208/Bean Site 12
Multiple Property Name:

National Register Reference Number: 05000340
National Register Listing Date: 03/22/2006

Address: 3983 Stone Rd
City: Sabina
County: Clinton

Category of Property: DISTRICT

Applicable Criteria:
Information Potential

Criterion Consideration:

Significant Person:

Significant Date(s):

Period(s) of Significance:
499-0 AD
499-0 BC

Area(s) of Significance:

Level(s) of Significance:

Other Designation:

Cultural Affilation(s):

Woodland (Adena & Hopewell)

Contributing Building(s):  
Contributing Site(s): 2 
Contributing Structure(s): 1 
Contributing Object(s):  
Non-Contributing Building(s):  
Non-Contributing Site(s):  
Non-Contributing Structure(s):  
Non-Contributing Object(s):

Historic Use(s):


Current Use(s):

Architectural Style(s):

Other Architectural Style:


Exterior Materials:
  • Foundation(s):

  • Wall(s):

  • Roof:

  • Other:

Demolished: False

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